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Delta is a widely known and the oldest existing airlines in the United States. It was founded in the year 1924 and since then has grown to be sixth oldest operating airline across the globe. The fleet size of the airlines is 885 and it currently serves a total of 325 destinations in several nations worldwide. Nearly 5400 flights are operated everyday by the airlines.

During the course of the journey, a traveler may face concerns or inconveniences. The root cause behind these instances can vary in nature. They can be triggered due to various technical or natural challenges. Such situations demand immediate assistance to be made available to the passengers in distress. In order to deal with such situations instantly, the existence of a flawless customer support network is imperative.

We offer solutions to every possible travel related concern on the Delta Airlines Customer Service. Customers can reach out to a skilled support representative on this number 24 hours in a day. Some of the commonly received queries on the Delta Airlines Customer Service Number are shared as follows:

The Delta Airlines customer service number operates 24×7 in the endeavor to ensure that you obtain instant resolutions. We leave no queries lingering around for long and offer timely resolutions to our customers.


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A major United States Airline, The Delta airlines operates more than 5,400 flights per day along with its regional affiliates and subsidiaries. It has an extensive network spread across 319 destinations in over 54 countries on 6 continents as of October 2016. The Delta is known for its premium in-flight services, top level flight lounges, and world class customer service. The Delta Airlines Customer Service is available 24×7 for customers to get their queries addressed almost instantaneously.

The Delta Airlines is also one of the four founding members of the SkyTeam Alliance and is ranked amongst the best airlines in the aviation industry. People from all over the world fly with the Delta and enjoy a comfortable and convenient travel. They can check their flight status, flight schedule, refund policy in case of any cancellations, rescheduling flight processes, and can ask any flight-related queries directly to the experts by contacting on the Delta Airlines Customer Service Number


Delta Airlines Customer Service

Delta Airlines Customer Service – Delays and its impact

Many times the delays can exceed the usual time limits.

For example, the pilot-in-command decides that deplane a passenger is putting others at risk and itwould jeopardize their safety and security.

addressed almost instantaneously.

Another instance is say; an ATC advises the pilot-in-command that there is an immediate danger of disrupting airport operations if he takes the plane to the gate and deplaned passengers.

In these types of instances there are significant tarmac delays.

In the cases of a lengthy ground delay at Delta airline customer service, they will do the following:

They will make sure that the passengers are well attended with adequate good quality food and potable drinking water within 2 hours after the aircraft leaves the gate in case of departure. In the cases of arrival, it will be done on the aid and advice of pilot-in-command.

They will ensure that proper and clean Lavatory facilities are available while the aircraft remains on tarmac. The Delta airlines customer service will make sure that proper medical attention is given if needed.

The Delta airlines customer service will make sure that a proper temperature for cabin is maintained.

They will also ensure that instant notifications about any kind of flight delays reach the passengers. This has to be done at least 30 minutes prior to departure. This will allow the passengers enough time to deplane in case of disembarkation area is available.

At Delta airlines customer service, the most important priorities are safety and comfort for our passengers. We pay special attention during delays.